Kids Progam



For kids aged 5-13

Monday- Thursday, 5PM ( all levels )

Sunday, 2 PM ( Level 2 )


Our kids curriculum at 10th Planet Portland is designed to teach basic self defense concepts and develop competent grapplers in a safe and fun learning environment. Our goal is not only to create confidence on the mats but also instill the same practices of self-improvement, confidence, and respect in the classroom and at home. Through daily review of these core ethics, fostering a value for partner based learning and empathy, we believe your child will not only develop as a martial artist but be able to use their lessons on the mat to propel their personal growth elsewhere in life.

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Our head kids coach, Sam Hardy, has been working with at risk youth for the past 8 years in both wilderness and urban settings. He has a passion for working with young people and practices an experiential learning model where students are encouraged to learn by doing and through consistent self-reflection.



Class Structure

Our Kids program is broken down into two levels.

Both groups warm up together and then break off into separate groups for instruction.

While both levels learn respect, safety and teamwork, separating groups helps to provide the best instruction for your students needs.

Level 1

Level one is a beginning movement class. Focus is on body awareness, teamwork, basic jiu jitsu movements, confidence, breathing, and focus. Kids learn positional sparring and moderated rolling.

Level 2

Level two is a more advanced class building on everything from level one and focusing on jiu jitsu technique, chaining together moves, quick decision making, and competition preparedness.